Accelerator / Incubator

Helping innovators is your passion and role. You mobilize all your best mentors, create shared platforms and even give them resources ($) to help them accelerate and succeed. However, it is very difficult for you to follow-up and know if your actions are (really) helping them. We all know only some of them survive. What about going deeper and understanding why and how to do better?. At the same time, you increase your own indicators and please your stakeholders.


Research Network

Researchers and knowledge creators need your help. Thanks to your actions and resources ($), they are able to set up new pilot projects and shared platforms, train students and mobilize expertises around the world. What is difficult for you is to follow-up and see if your efforts are maximizing the potential outcomes. Understanding better what is going on in their research ecosystem, you could help them even more. At the same time, you can collect all the indicators you need to please your funders.



You think you can change the world... We are sure you can! but what a challenge when everything is going so fast!. You know you have to follow-up and understand the needs of your customers, the moves of your competitors, providers, experts, regulators, etc. At the same time, your new innovative project needs a robust business model, then you need evidence that helps you decrease the project's risk for you and your potential investors. You need to understand your innovation ecosystem faster if you want to change that world.


Funder / Investor

Money, money, money! All of them want it to innovate. But you want to make a smart decision when choosing what project and team could do the most with it. You have developed an excellent instinct to identify them, but sometimes you are not sure and find difficult to see and evaluate objectively the potential outcomes and follow-up the new trends and innovative technologies. You need to be aware of what's going on out there and who could do the best and impact further with your money.



We bring you insights from your innovation ecosystem to help you make smarter decisions

Data quality

Not all available data is good data. Every byte is under our scrutiny process.

Deep analysis

Innovation is a very complex challenge, but it is more solvable when it is examined minutely and asking the killer questions.

Actionable information

Vanity metrics are good but what you need to know is what to do next to reach your goals and go further

Ready to impact smarter?


We are passionate about innovation performance,
We know innovation is a complex problem, that's why we tackle it with sophisticated tools and methods,
We want to help you reach your goals and... you know, change the world.


We start with your needs and questions in mind to help you to make decisions

Big picture

We know and understand innovation ecosystem's dynamics and actors


We look for facts.
It is not about our opinions

Analytical approach

It takes discipline and structure to break problems down and find answers. We love complex problem solving

Data quality

We carefully curate and manage data from public and private sources ... and sometimes from your head, too


Your accomplishments are half of our payment... Literally!

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Intuition is not enough, enter Augmented Intelligence

Augmented intelligence is : humans using AI algorithms to discover relationships and solve problems

Computational power

Collect automatically, calculate on huge amounts of data. No stress, no tiredness ...

Human cognition

Despite cognitive biases, human cognition is the most (known) powerful solving-problem process in earth

Engaging interface

Humans need to understand what computers find and computers need to understand what humans are looking for

Key elements to follow in an innovation ecosystem


Who is getting funded? From whom? What projects and themes are getting resources?


How many beneficiaries for my solution? Is my solution aligned with their needs? Are they getting access to alternative solutions? How?


What problems and needs are being tackled? Where? By whom? Are they advancing?


Who is working on what? Who is interested in working on new challenges? What new knowledge are they producing?


What tools are available to create new solutions? What platforms? Are they being used? Are they working as expected?


Who else is offering a solution for the problem I am tackling? Is there an opportunity to collaborate with them and go further together?


What solutions are available? Are they being used? Are they working as expected?


Who could be working with me to impact further? Who could help me to do it more efficiently?


Who could provide me with materials to produce my solutions? Is there any issue or opportunity with them ?


What regulations and institutions control and influence the ecosystem? ... to protect beneficiaries and drive social and economic value


Where and when actors are meeting and cooperating? Around what themes?


What evidence researchers and creators have found about a potential solution to a social issue? Is there a critical mass of scientists agreeing about it?


We are convinced that high impact innovation requires high quality information to make decisions. That's why we are innovation analysts, a group of open-minded, data-driven, multidisciplinary, purposeful professionals coming from research, engineering and social fields specialized in health, environment and education innovation ecosystem dynamics.

Martin Gagné. Ph.D.

Research Performance Analyst
Martin has over 15 years of experience in health research. He worked as a research professional in the academic research, as a coordinator for the administration of a research center in a clinical facility and a network of researchers. All this background allows him to understand the reality of the different actors of research. With you, he will identify the important elements to watch for your organization, develop indicators to follow to help you optimize the performance of your organization.

Alejandro Gaviria

Innovation Analyst
Alex has more than 13 years of experience in information, knowledge and innovation management. As a strategist manager, he combines extensive experience in the use of information technology for knowledge management and business development, in knowledge-intensive environments and for international research centers. He helps entrepreneurs at all stages of project management and process analysis, planning, development, implementation and monitoring.

Diana Torres

Project Manager
Diana has more than 12 years of experience in biotechnology research, business analysis and statistical treatment of industrial data. She is focused on project management and technology watching in biotechnological and environmental related projects. Her expertise, rigour and analytical insight, as well as her language skills and knowledge, helps to guarantee the data quality in the evaluation of complex innovation projects.

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